Ware market filled with high-price wind filled rational consumer health

For the market, the continuous development of sanitary ware, sanitary ware industry, certain development, sanitary market competition, not only to re-shuffle, or clean the bathroom industry brand, consumer psychology has also undergone a significant transformation, and thus

A standardized upgrade market opportunities and challenges

On sanitary ware industry, kitchen industry is developing so fast, with the real estate industry continues to deepen, more and more modern kitchen, bathroom attention. Modern kitchen is not just a concept, but every detail stand the scrutiny of science and technology product

Urban and rural economic growth in ceramic sanitary seize the opportunity to gain a firm footing

Bathroom business continues to develop, the 34 Chinese market has become the focus of attention, tile countryside have become a hot topic, enterprises have to take action, to enter the rural market. In this situation, we must first understand the characteristics of three or

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