Enterprise mission: to create the perfect bathroom space, promoting happy and harmonious life;
 Enterprise spirit: unity, hard work, innovation, win-win situation;
 Corporate creed: market-oriented, and customers with growth;
 Strategic thinking: taking specialization, standardization, international development, to create a hundred years;
 Product strategy: to natural, environmental protection, human nature into the direction of product development, and effectively to meet consumer demand;
 Quality Policy: character to the product, quality is declared;
 Learning concept: three counterparts, must be my teacher;
 Management style: respect, communication, love;
 Enterprise goals: to build brand sanitary industry in China; to achieve the goal of internationalization of Chinese brands.

 Business strategy:
  a, market strategy interval
  b, seasonal product strategy
  c, terminal personalization strategy
  d, long-term cooperation strategy
  e, service process strategy
 Service concept: good as gold, home services;
 Mishina strategy: quality, variety, grade;
 Working principle: the right principles; learning principles; team principles; professional principles; guiding principles.

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