1. Large service location, full full service
The company's services include localization services providers, distributors of consumer services and services in three areas, between the three mutually reinforcing. Service providers to be able to get a stable product, price, promotion and sale of resources to better serve distributors and consumers; services in order to develop a chain distributor network, grow bigger, better service providers; Service consumers, establish commercial brand, drive and foster brand suppliers. Determine the suppliers, distributors, consumers Trinity clients, the Company's internal operations and implementing the pre-sale, sale and full service, policy makers, managers, operators of full service.

2. Interests of both sides, based on the integration of social resources, win-win cooperation
In the business, the company focus on mutually beneficial cooperation manufacturers, equal respect vendor relationships. In order to link the interests of the premise, focus on meeting the long-term interests of suppliers, for suppliers to cultivate brand, provide production start-up capital, and to expand and maintain the market. Joint forces distributors to form purchase and distribution, integrated scattered channel strength, provide scale purchase orders to suppliers.

3. Value-based, innovation beyond price
The company's operating style, advocating the value of war to replace the price war. Reflect service innovation from the brand resources, service development and price combinations. Through innovative management methods, reflect personalized, differentiated value competition. By category development, open up new business category, a new brand and new products give consumers more choices. Through scientific guide consumption, understand the real needs of the customer, customer satisfaction to buy goods through the entire regulatory and service delivery to meet the needs of individual customers, get the ultra-value services.

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