Join conditions
1, a good commercial quality and commercial reputation, identity "Weikaili Sanitary Ware" business philosophy.
2, with the normal operation of the necessary legal business license, legal status, tax registration and other documents and complete the necessary funds to carry out normal operations
3, has a good distribution capabilities and product promotion and service platform;
4, which provides a place to do business or store specialty area.


Joining support
Market protection:
1: channel regional protection;
2: The price system protection;
Advertising support:
1: The terminal stores the image of a unified design;
2: event planning support;
1: product knowledge support;
2: Sales skills exchange;
3: store management, personnel management communication;


Join Process
1: Read Weikaili Sanitary Ware introduction;
2: fill out the online application to join;
3: Weikaili Sanitary Ware approval of the application form and contact the applicant to further discuss joining conditions;


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