Ware market filled with high-price wind filled rational consumer health

For the market, the continuous development of sanitary ware, sanitary ware industry, certain development, sanitary market competition, not only to re-shuffle, or clean the bathroom industry brand, consumer psychology has also undergone a significant transformation, and thus affect the future Bath market trends, this change from the "emotional spending" to "rational consumption", cost-effective products are favored.

From the "emotional spending" to "rational consumption"

With increased competition in the bathroom industry, sanitary ware prices continue to transparency, especially after the financial turmoil, sanitary products, consumption by the "emotional spending" to "rational consumption" has become the market's most significant features.

According to industry relevant responsible person said that the original bathroom industry is a low-attention of the industry, in addition to the renovation will be interested, other times have no concept of the bathroom, but this concern is once or twice a lifetime. However, with the bathroom, increased competition, increased promotional efforts, as well as CCTV and other popular bathroom on the advance publicity, promotions bathroom frequently appear in the consumer line of sight, making information more symmetrical, consumer behavior is becoming increasingly cautious, more rational.

Industry relevant person in charge said: "We are advocating green consumption, it is also in line with the current rational consumption." From this we can see that companies are actively guide the bathroom back to a rational consumer.

Cost-effective products into the mainstream consumer

With the return of rational consumption of consumers in 2009, sanitary products, but also a greater focus on design simplicity and practical, cost-effective products to improve product development, as many businesses starting point of $ 3000 to-4000 ,1000-2000 massage bathtub bathroom cabinet dollars the market a powerful competitive weapon. The industry also proposed to provide consumers from "value for money" to "value for money" cost-effective bathroom products.

Industry responsible person also said that consumers buy the brand in the industry, not just stay in the purchase of products, but also design tailored to each customer, to customers to solve the whole bathroom renovation plan and create a healthy, warm bath space , so the bathroom to get the upgrade and development of both good results and is significantly improved.

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