Urban and rural economic growth in ceramic sanitary seize the opportunity to gain a firm footing

Bathroom business continues to develop, the 34 Chinese market has become the focus of attention, tile countryside have become a hot topic, enterprises have to take action, to enter the rural market. In this situation, we must first understand the characteristics of three or four markets, in order to do three or four markets, all actions are blind or Ni Runfeng home appliances countryside had ended in failure, is the result of hasty action. World-famous McKinsey consulting company through research later found in many small towns are not compelling, but life has a spending power of hundreds of millions of consumers, they are important opportunities for development over the next decade, but the multinational and most of the domestic production of durable consumer goods companies also have ignored this market.

In addition, they ignore a major opportunity, that the potential of small towns in wealthy families, the so-called potential means that the market has not yet been developed. Companies often do not pay attention to these small towns that these places are too poor, in fact, although there are 20 million households where income is relatively low, the survey found the average monthly income of these places of 1,400 yuan up to 43 million households, they are the mainstream consumer market groups. Another potential group of wealthy, the average monthly income of 3,800 yuan up to 35 million the number of households, income levels in China, this family not only have the ability to buy necessities, as well as the ability to purchase some luxury goods, and this affluent group of potential income tier cities in China have been close to 4300 yuan monthly income level, so this group is the primary target customers, and small towns in China's mainstream groups also constitute an attractive market.

In fact, these small towns have total household income than the sum of first-and second-tier cities, about 50% higher, and in the next 20 years, the small town of over 35,000 middle income families will increase by 7.6 million per year, faster than the urban growth also faster.

Hot spot a trend: the use of wastewater

In addition to direct as possible to develop more water-saving bathroom products, we also see from the show a new trend, the brand began its commitment to delivering many bathroom design without dead ends, and better cleaning products and small-scale "integrated basin toilet "ware, these products can not only achieve a significant reduction in the bathroom," water "efficiency, but also turning waste into treasure, so that" waste "active aging.

Market Status: lack of water use alone green bathroom products

Currently, the market can meet the small size, no seams, no corners for easy cleaning of bathroom products that feature is not hard to find, many brands even regard it as a "propaganda selling point."

On the contrary, the rational use of water bath products on the market has become blind, can wash their hands, face, vegetables and other daily water consumption of sanitary ware and then focus on recycling, the market still can not buy. It is understood that we have seen in the exhibition display a certain brand of small "toilet basin integration" ware, just business "good plan", about the recent difficult to buy. Visited, the brand's shopping guide that must be installed on the load-bearing walls, interior piping complexity and price is high as several million other main cause of such products into the market difficult.

Trends Hot Second: blending with family

"Every day spent in the bathroom in time more and more", which is present in many people's living conditions. Therefore, we hope the bathroom can become more valuable. If a comfortable sofa, chairs, soft carpet, soft lighting, utility shelves can enter the bathroom, you will find that life is ever-changing world, knocked the market development, the corresponding market value.

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