"Stabbing outside must first be peace within" ceramic sanitary domestic export

Because both companies are relatively well known, we use two examples to illustrate how to solve the relationship between domestic and export. I am personally optimistic about the domestic model export assistance.
Access to and use of funds from the point of view, do not export in addition to brand, the use of funds in the "Little Italy" of the situation. An example is concerned, most of them are under orders to do export to the operation mode, for example, we received orders for 100 million, the other party to pay 30% deposit and start production, from production to order an end to the declaration, full payment is received, usually takes four months time. From the figures, 70% of corporate funds to bear the pressure. Most domestic sales are cash basis, dealers pay a loan and pay the full amount, reproduction or shipping companies, this is the bathroom plumbing industry characteristics. Funds from both the mode of operation point of view, the domestic market for funding larger.

From the perspective of human resources, including their agents are very large sales force and promotional team, and their sales force itself is the advertising value of the intangible, it is essential to do channel. We can also call the channel power.

Order model from the analysis of export is relatively simple to do, and rely on mass production, so more in processing fees earned under normal circumstances is relatively low profits. And domestic enterprises to participate in marketing, many links, access to many sectors of the profit distribution.

Through comprehensive comparison, I think "must first be peace within stabbing outside", only to grasp firmly the foundation of the domestic market, companies can get more resources for development. Domestic markets by a strong production capacity, as well as market experience, then do foreign markets will be more advantage.


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