Tao Wei policies have become increasingly demanding more necessary to speed up industry restructurin

Outlook 2014, the international financial crisis has not ended, inflation is rising too fast the current major challenges facing the Chinese economy, international trade protectionism, the high cost of domestic production Kai, ecological and environmental constraints, and many other conditions that increase building ceramics and sanitary ware industry has traditionally been a high input, high consumption, high emission and low efficiency mode of development difficult to sustain.
Accelerate the pace of structural adjustment

We must accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, structural adjustment of the expansion of domestic demand and combine it be possible to achieve sound and rapid development. The central government to increase protection of housing construction, the transformation of economic growth mode, and other policies of expanding domestic demand for construction ceramics and sanitary ware industry pointed out the direction, and guide enterprises to actively develop small towns and rural markets, for the majority of affordable low-income people the ceramic and sanitary ware products, enhance brand awareness and self-cultivation, and increase promotion of transformation and upgrading of product structure adjustment and efforts to accelerate innovation and technology, the implementation of thin ceramic tile products, and water-saving sanitary ware reduction work, promote energy saving and emission reduction and technological advances, these will be the industry-wide in 2014 and one of the important tasks the next few years.

Gradually from the current improvement in domestic economic situation analysis in 2014 of building ceramics and sanitary ware industry in the overall development will have better performance.

Policy requires more and more

Building ceramics and sanitary ware industry as a resource and energy consuming industries, the state's energy saving industry, have become increasingly demanding, and is gradually adopt more stringent measures, including resource access policy development, resource tax collection, environmental protection of tax policy. Industry-wide resource conservation, energy conservation, environmentally friendly, improving economic efficiency and other aspects will face more difficult challenges.

In addition, the technology research and innovation, industrial restructuring, human resources, business model, brand awareness, marketing channels is also related to the construction ceramics and sanitary ware industry sustained and healthy development. The impact of world financial crisis is far from elimination,2014 and "second Five-Year" period of economic growth at home and abroad there are still large uncertainties in the various forms of escalating trade protectionism, especially against China Building Ceramics and sanitary ware exports more and more trade disputes, coupled with domestic economic recovery is not yet solid, real estate macro control policy constraints and inflation expected to continue to strengthen, China's building ceramic and sanitary ware industry maintained a steady growth of the pressure still large, industrial restructuring very difficult task.

According to the Chinese government's commitment, our unit of GDP by 2020 carbon dioxide emissions than the 2005 rate by 40% -45%, which is China building ceramics and sanitary ware industry will have a significant impact, increase industry-wide emission reduction efforts to improve resource and energy use efficiency, reduce environmental pressure on the industry will become an arduous and urgent task. Around the development of low carbon technologies, energy conservation, well, not only to seize the opportunity, unremitting efforts to promote walking resources, energy, environment and social harmony of the sustainable development, will continue to guide enterprises to operate in the specification, the industry self-regulation, technological innovation and internationalization, and so, to assume more social responsibilities for the industry restructuring, play an important role in sustainable development.


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