Customization of all time popular agitation active consumer home improvement market

Recently, 80 girls made a small ultra-wide help-line quote: the right price to buy a green floral type with a washbasin. Now looking ahead, looking far as the Department, including basins, toilet, bathtub and other bathroom products, including both white-dominated world, how come there is no alternative to it even more personalized?
One issue of this post and immediately got a number of 80, 90, after the resonance.

With a "personalized home building materials," Proposition, the reporter visited Wanjiali, Wonder House, Sunshine. Home the United States, actually home, Macalline, Orient Home, Residence and other home stores, many industry sources, Ultra-small case shows that our modern home building materials industry has developed more than 20 years, the market has matured, with 80, 90 after the gradually emerging middle-class consumers to buy into the ranks of home products, home building materials from the initial In the grades to meet the common needs such as large group segment has evolved to meet the individual for the United States nowadays, the demand for novelty.

In fact, with individual needs were increasing trend, home building materials, more and more obvious tendency of anti-standardized, easy to see that the future development of the industry trend has entered the era of niche consumer.

A full participation in the consumer entering the era

Consumers nowadays are no longer passive. Information to facilitate the general public to promote a more proactive consumer behavior, the network of free speech has also created a wide range of public comments on the product involved. To some extent, today's consumers want to dialogue with the enterprises, but also trust their instincts and word of mouth, which indicates that sales of home building materials, and personalized custom of the times one is coming.

By melamine, H1N1 and other effects, and the call of the national response to energy saving, more consumers in the quality of products requested at the same time, concern about health is also dramatically improved, green, more environmentally friendly bathroom products preference. Therefore, home building materials enterprises to establish health and environmental protection to the product brand image will bring more market opportunities.

B exquisite lifestyle trends appear

In the era of consumer awareness of the minority, the fine does not necessarily rely on high-end brands can be achieved, they are more looking through their own creativity to create a sophisticated living space, the civilian population of an exquisite trend has become popular. Therefore, in this new consumer market of home building materials civilians, home building materials, not only to meet the fashion consumer psychology, the same time meet their purchasing power. Nowadays, in order to meet the "national fine," the trend, more and more high-end brand of home building materials to compete in the high and low ends of the introduction of the next steps to meet the consumer market products.

According to China's third census statistics, women account for 48.7% of our population, in which strong spending power, a greater impact on consumption of 20 to 50 years old female, about 21% of the total population. A survey also shows that consumer behavior in the family, women often serve as family "chief procurement officer" role, especially in the home buying consumer goods and building materials segment, the wife to play the absolute protagonist. Therefore, to meet the female perspective and the perspective of the marketing strategy needs to be given great attention.

C in the pursuit of new sensory experience in the doctrine

Collection of information from all of the brand, visit the terminal to the intention of the brand experience, has become the preferred destination for a small minority of consumers to purchase age laws. Therefore, the brand terminals atmosphere, the scene layout and experience related activities has become a consumer product information to accelerate and enhance an important measure brand affinity. Meanwhile, the home stores to experience the terminal design, against the background of the relative cultural significance of home building materials, more and more prominent brands.

In addition, the application of new technologies to meet the creative product is the consumer experience of minority age and consumption of selling points. Products only in the design of continuous injection of fresh elements to the homogenization of serious marketplace.


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